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About the HB Committee

The Hiking/Backpacking Committee of the Boston Chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club provides safe and inexpensive opportunities for current and prospective AMC members to enjoy hiking and backpacking. To improve our members' appreciation of the outdoors, we also offer training courses on a variety of backcountry skills.

The H/B Committee is directed by volunteer coordinators who give the group its direction and establish its policies. These coordinators are supported by a legion of trained volunteers: trip leaders, co-leaders (leaders-in-training), environmentalists and activists, who generously donate time and a wealth of experience to create the outings and programs our members enjoy.

H/B Committee trips & activities include day and weekend trips, instructional programs, and social events, averaging two to three outings every weekend of the year. Most of these involve hiking in the mountain ranges of New England and, as they are staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers, fit the tightest budget.

Find out more about our trips in the Boston Chapter Section of the AMC Outdoors Magazine, published 6 times each year and received by all AMC members. These, as well as some short-notice listings, will also be found in The Charles River MUD, the monthly newsletter of the AMC Boston Chapter. You can also sign up for our bi-monthly email of our trip listings, HB Announce, or view the trips here on our website. Hope you'll join us on the trail!

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 Voting HB Committee Members

 Stephen Conlin  Chair, Leadership Coordinator  [email protected]
 Carl Gustenhoven  Vice Chair, Trip Coordinator  [email protected]
 Elizabeth Ryan  Vice Chair, SHP Coordinator  [email protected]
 Rose Lamani  Secretary  [email protected]
 Fred Smith  Treasurer  [email protected]
 Casey Ajalat  Webmaster  [email protected]
 Bob Asch  Backup Secretary, Backup Leadership Applications  [email protected]
 Jeff Carlson  Boston Chapter Chair Past Chair  [email protected]
 Robert Freed  Assistant Trip Coordinator  [email protected]
 Alex Nedzel  Leadership Coordinator, Immediate Past Chair  [email protected]
 Faith Pulis  Assistant Secretary  [email protected]
 Gary Schwartz  Webmaster  [email protected]
 Michael Swartz  Asst Treasurer  [email protected]
 Paul Terenzi  WFA Coordinator, Executive Comm Liaison  [email protected]
 Yorghos Tripodis  Trip Reporter  [email protected]
 Keith Watling  Outdoor Community Liaison  [email protected]
 Pam Wilmot  Leadership Applications Coordinator  [email protected]
 TBD  WHP Coordinator  [email protected]

 Off-Committee Roles

 Julie LePage  Slideshow and Potluck Series Coordinator  [email protected]
 John Lisker  Guide Card Coordinator  [email protected]
 Kevin McAllister  HikeSafe Coordinator  [email protected]
 Mark Warren  Harvard Cabin Coordinator 




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