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Instructional Programs & Workshops

In addition to offering volunteer-led hiking trips, the H/B Committee also offer a variety of instructional training programs and workshops to help teach new skills, brush up on old ones, and help create a social network within the local hiking community. We hope you'll join us at one of the following programs:

Spring Hiking & Backpacking Program
This course is designed for both the novice and rusty hiker as an introduction to three season back country and mountain day hiking and camping in New England. The program includes classroom instruction/demonstration and optional weekend field trips. More Info>


Winter Hiking & Backpacking Program
The hiking season doesn't just end after the last of the fall foliage is gone - it enters a whole new and wonderful season! If you're an experienced, three-season hiker who doesn't want to hibernate all winter, come join us and learn how to manage the additional challenges that winter brings. More Info>


Leadership Training Program 
For those interested in organizing and leading Boston Chapter trips and events, this is the course for you! Completion of this training qualifies participants to co-lead trips with Hiking/Backpacking, Intro, Bike, Ski, Paddling, Forty +, Young Members, and other committee trips with the AMC Boston Chapter. The program includes discussion of the principles of group dynamics, leadership techniques, and role-playing exercises. Training includes two evening sessions and one weekend trip to assist in the "real life" role playing exercises. The Boston Chapter offers this course twice a year (in spring and fall). More info on the next training>


Map and Compass Workshop
Are you ever confused about where you are, or where you are going? Providing both classroom and practice in the field, this weekend course will show youhow to use a map and compass and navigate with confidence! More Info>



SOLO Wilderness First Aid Course
Sponsored by the H/B Committee, this two-day course occurs twice a year (in the spring and fall). Taught by Stonehearth Open Learning Opportunities (SOLO) at their Conway, NH facility and many AMC facilities, it covers the basics of injury & health management in the wilderness. More Info>


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