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Join us for a series of free slideshows, potluck dinners and socializing with fellow AMC hikers, adventurers and foodies. All slideshows/potlucks take place at the AMC's Cabot Auditorium, 4 Joy Street, Boston MA. Slideshows begin at 7:15pm unless otherwise noted. Potlucks start at 6:30pm.

Potluck Info: Participation in the potlucks is optional. Homemade dishes are welcome, store bought goodies & takeout are equally welcome. Plates, bowls, cups, cutlery, napkins and drink pitchers will be supplied. The auditorium has a kitchen if you need to do any re-warming or prep (w/stovetop, oven, microwave, sink & fridge). Please bring your own cooking pots if needed for stovetop. 

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Subway Directions: Take the MBTA to Park Street Station. Walk through the Boston Common uphill towards the State House on Beacon St. To the left of the State House is Joy St; follow Joy St uphill to the AMC Auditorium Building (brownstone), #4 Joy St on the left hand side.

Parking: Nearby underground parking is available at the Boston Common Garage, located underneath the Boston Common. Access is off Charles St, between the Public Garden and the Boston Common. We have discount parking passes, you'll save $5 (40% off!) More info about the Garage is here: 


Slideshow Series Schedule, 2014-2015



Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Thru-Hiking the Lebanon Trail 
Presenter: Lisa Robbins 

Lebanon, the tiny Middle Eastern country bordered by Israel and Syria, is named for the rugged Mt. Lebanon range that dominates its geography, rising steeply from the Mediterranean coast to reach altitudes up to 10,000 feet. Snow-capped and in places impassable in winter; rocky, steep and thorn-covered year round, its mountains for centuries provided refuge to regional minorities, who built villages, monasteries and convents into its slopes and deep valleys.

Now, thanks to the determination of an intrepid group of Lebanese environmentalists, inspired by long-distance trails like the AT, you can hike this range along the 293-mile Lebanon Mountain Trail completed in 2008. In April, AMC member Lisa Robbins did just that, joining a predominantly Lebanese group that included 7 other thru-hikers and a rotating cast of enthusiasts who jumped on and off the trail over the course of a month. Her presentation will share what she encountered on the way: verdant mountainsides, the famous Cedars of Lebanon, precipitous valleys edged in limestone cliffs, struggling villages, Roman ruins, and fragile environments threatened by roads, quarries and unregulated development.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Best Practices for Long Distance Hiking
Presenter: Jeremy Day

Have you always had the dream of taking off into the woods for a thru-hike or other long-distance trek, but just weren't quite sure where to start? Be it the Appalachian Trail, The Colorado Trail, The Long Trail, or any of the many long-distance trails around the world, there's a method to the madness of thru or section hiking. Join multi-trail thru-hiker and AMC Hut Croo Jeremy “Beowulf” Day for a lecture on the principles of planning and executing an extended (10+ days) backpacking trip. Subjects include:

  • Keeping your pack light (and why it's so important)

  • Resupplying: mail-drops, buying in town, and hybrid strategies

  • Food Choices/Nutrition/Trail Hygiene

  • Training/Avoiding Repetitive Injuries

  • Thru-hiking Trail Culture

  • Hitchhiking (yes, this is actually important!)

  • On-trail safety

  • How to keep trip costs low

  • Miscellaneous gear, tips and tricks that will make your hike easier and more fun




Thursday, December 18, 2014

AMC August Camp Returns to Oregon!
Presenter: Julie LePage

In 2015, August Camp will return to the Sisters area of the Central Cascades of Oregon. What can you expect from Oregon? 10,000 ft snow-capped mountain volcanoes, finding obsidian glass in the surrounding Wilderness Areas, visiting the majestic Crater Lake National Park & Smith Rock State Park, excellent Oregon craft beer.... and don't forget luxuriating in nearby hot spring resorts! Join AMC August Camp hike Leader Julie LePage as she presents photos from her 2009 stay with August Camp, when she fell in love with Oregon.

About AMC's August Camp: Since the late 1800's, August Camp is an AMC tradition! A month-long, nomadic overnight camp that moves to a new location out West each year, your meals, tent setup, transportation to and from camp, and friendly hike leaders are included with your stay. All you need to do is get yourself to the airport, pack your backpack, and enjoy! Join us at the slideshow to learn more about signing up for August Camp 2015 in Oregon.

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screen shot 2014-09-19 at 12.13.43 pm.pngmatt_hopkinson5.jpg

Thursday, January 22, 2014

Canoeing 180 miles for Salmon, and The Penobscot River Restoration Trust! 

The Problem: The Penobscot River Restoration Trust needed $60 million to buy and remove some dams, improve some fish passages and basically restore about 1,000 river miles of endangered Atlantic Salmon breeding habitat.  

A Solution: Our speaker, Matt Hopkinson started his own fundraiser with the goal of raising $5,000, and starting the Veazie Dam location, which was recently removed, and headed upstream in his canoe just as far north as a fish could do once the project is complete.  That put Matt 180 miles up the Penobscot and Mattwamkeag Rivers to a dam on Rockabema Lake, way up north. Join us for the slideshow to hear more about Matt adventure and the goals for the Penobscot River Restoration Trust. A little more about the project here>   

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