WMNF Guide Cards

What is a Guide Card?: Anyone who leads a trip in the White Mountain National Forest, including an AMC H/B Volunteer Leader, is required by the United States Forest Service to carry an "Outfitter Guide Contact Card", commonly known as a Guide Card. The H/B Committee is allocated a certain number of guide cards every year, based upon the information collected from trip reports . Guide Cards are allocated every Spring and expire on April 30th of each year.

How do I get mine?: The H/B Committee will mail a guide card to everyone who lists a trip in the White Mountain National Forest, but a leader should make sure that he or she has one. Guide cards are distributed by H/B at the annual Leader Meeting in April/May. You can contact us here: Please make sure that you secure a guide card before your next trip.

Say what?: Leading a trip in the WMNF without a Guide Card could result in a $500 fine from the USFS. The AMC insurance policy does not cover this fine, and neither the H/B Committee, the Boston Chapter, nor AMC proper will reimburse this expense. If you do not carry your  Guide Card while leading for the AMC, you will be responsible to pay the fine out of your own pocket. In short, carry your Guide Card on every hike or backpack you lead.

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